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Ionithermie Products for Cellulite Reduction at Home

Ionithermie products deliver cellulite reduction and simultaneously detox congested parts of the body. Manufacturers created Ionithermie kits for customers’ convenience which can be used at home.

These products are not just anti-cellulite creams but highly effective natural gels, serums and slimming ampoules. That's why US plastic surgeons call them lipo in a bottle. They provide fast and effective results after the very first Ionithermie treatment.

Using Ionithermie homecare products gives you an amazing experience with high value and premium grade medically tested ingredients with proven effectiveness.

tonic-silhouetteTonic Silhouette

Prepares the skin, stimulates blood circulation, balances pH level, great for water retention and helps in penetration of all active ingredients deep into the skin layers.

  • Witch Hazel extract – Astringent helps with circulation
  • Corn flower – Soothing
  • Vitamin E, F – Anti free radical, activates the blood circulation
  • Organic salt potassium - De-odorizing helps balance the sodium  potassium levels for fluid retention


Anti-cellulite cream that firms and tones the skin. It’s excellent ointment for stretch marks and cellulite reduction. Strengthens cell walls and repairs connective tissue cells.  Metasysteme paraben free formula induces the detoxifying effect of red algae in A+ B ampoules and  helps slimming with it's active ingredients.

  • Focus Vesiculosus (Bladdewrack Algae) - Boosts metabolism through balancing iodine levels for a healthy thyroid function.
  • Adenosine triphosphate ATP – ATP is critical for healthy cells. It transfers energy to the cells to speed up their metabolism. Known as the energy molecule in life and used as coenzyme with vital functions in cells signaling and structure.
  • Guarana extract – Natural source of caffeine which plays the role of lipid “eliminator”, increasing the slimming and tonic properties of seaweeds.
  • Red Algae - Aids the disposal of trapped toxins in body fluids
  • Pine Oil – stimulates circulation, purifies and detoxifies
  • Amino acids – aid in production of new healthy cells

AB-slimming-ampoulesA + B Slimming Ampoules

Detoxifying slimming ampoules. Each box contains 24 ampoules. Use 1 ampoule of Red Algae per day.

  • Red algae - Aids the disposal of trapped toxins in body fluids
  • Ivy - Helps to increase circulation, giving assistance to the algae and Guarana extract
  • Guarana extract – Helps to speed up metabolism and body’s ability to burn fat
  • Methyl lactate – Cooling effect – relieves congestion – excellent for swollen and heavy legs
  • Vitamin B – Anti inflammatory agent

lait pour le corpsLait Pour Le Corps

Rehydrates dry skin affected by cellulite and keeps all active ingredients deep into the skin layers for up to 24 hours. Increases circulation and works great for sunburn.

  • Vitamin A, B, E - Encourages new cell growth & regenerates
  • Avocado oil - Softens the skin
  • Pine essential oil
  • Cypress essential oil
  • Allantoin – Heals and cools the skin
  • Amino acids

Gommage Essentiel Verveine

verbena-body-scrubBody Scrub to remove dead skin cells. It has an amazing scent and leaves the skin smooth and soft.. Contains fine particles of apricot stone and essential oil of verbena, which stimulates the digestive system and lymph. One of the most valuable ingredients in Gommage Essentiel Verveine is beeswax. It allows the skin to breathe whilst acting as an antioxidant.

Afina gel

Slimming gel based on algae. It contains extract of red algae and pine essential oil. Afina gel stimulates blood circulation and helps to remove excess fluids.

Afferligne Cream

Firming cream, rich in proteins. Excellent for stretch marks and for smoother skin. Firms and tones the skin and improves its elasticity.

Note: Included here are the products for professional use during the actual treatment as well as those for treatments at home. They shall be applied once a day as application to the skin takes 5 minutes. The products are in convenient packaging and very simple to use at home.

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